Peyote Cactus: The Native American Drug

peyote cactus flowering.

What Is Peyote?

With the advancement in the field of synthetic drugs, today, we will take a step back and take a look at the native American drug by the name of Peyote Cactus.

This plant is shaped like a cactus, and it has disc-shaped buttons on top of it. These buttons can easily be plucked from the top, and dried up, chewed, or inhaled by people.

The cactus is quite small in size, and the ingredients present in the plant are known to give people a high. Since the ingredients are psychoactive in nature, the plant is consumed for recreational purposes. However, a lot of people believe that the plant offers medicinal help as well.

Is Peyote Legal?

No, this drug is not legal unless used for religious purposes by the native Americans. In all States and regions inside the United States of America, the commercial usage of peyote is banned under federal law.

If captured, recreational peyote drug consumers can risk substantial penalties or even prison time. In addition, the selling and manufacturing of peyote for non-religious reasons often runs contrary to US regulation. The law enforcement typically handles peyote farmers the same way as marijuana growers.

Peyote High

There are several methods of ingesting, inhaling, and using Peyote cactus. People often pluck the buttons from the plant, dry them up, crush them into a form of powder and use it to get high either by smoking it or drinking it in the form of tea.

Peyote Tea

How to make peyote tea? The crushed powder form can be mixed with hot boiling water and turned into tea. The native locals often get together inside a tepee, boil water, and mix the powder in it. After reaching a boiling point, the tea is then served in bowls to people, and it takes around 15 to 30 minutes to reach a nirvana state.

Smoking Peyote

Much like marijuana, this native American drug can also be rolled up inside a cigarette alongside tobacco and smoked just like any form of weed. Again, the native locals get together for a ceremony, use the powder inside joint, and pass it around for hours while chanting around the fire. Since this drug is viewed as a religious element in the native religions, the usage of the drugs is always accompanied by spiritual chanting.

Peyote Side Effects

Just like every other psychoactive drug, Peyote cactus also comes with a lot of side effects if it is abused or used for recreational purposes. However, this drug is not addictive like other hallucinogens or drugs, so there is a different set of side effects associated with this drug.

People are known to get nauseated after ingesting this drug. I the majority of the cases, people using this drug for the first time are known to throw up violently and experience immense abdominal pain for a few hours. This drug can be quite hard on the digestion process and the stomach and makes the host feel nauseated immediately after the ingestion.

There are also other side effects of peyote. The mescaline found in this drug is quite similar to dopamine. This indicates that the drug can alter the vision of the users. This is why this drug can directly attack the CNS and the chemical, neurological processes of the brain. It can induce a series of violent or disturbing hallucinations and can cause the host to act out or exhibit irrational behavior.

Moreover, since this is considered a class 1 hallucinogen, it can also cause complete blackouts. People have often reported waking up with no memory for the past few hours. So, memory loss is another negative aspect of using Peyote cactus.

It can also cause anxiety and fear among several users. It is known to heighten paranoia, just like any other drug with the same chemical composition.

How Long Does Peyote Last?

Well, smoking mescaline from Peyote cactus can start showing a feeling of high within the first 15 to 30 minutes of ingestion. Users reach a peak of high within the first 2 to 4 hours.

After that, they start feeling relaxed and calm. The drug can last up to 8 or 12 hours, but the initial high start is declining after the first 4 hours.


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