Campaign Vision

In the face of widespread cuts to public services, trade unions and our allies have joined together to launch a global Quality Public Services- Action Now! campaign.

We have power in our workplaces, in our communities, in our nations. Joining in solidarity where we live and work, and joining hands across borders we can achieve positive change. This campaign unites people from all walks of life, private and public sector trade union members, municipal governments and civil society groups who are working together to promote investment in quality public services backed by fair taxation policies as the key solution to the economic crisis, and the best way to build peaceful, equitable, just, democratic and sustainable societies.

This new Council of Global Unions campaign and the guiding Geneva Charter on Quality Public Services was developed with the input of participants at the landmark Quality Public Services - Action Now! conference held October 2010 in Geneva, Switzerland. The campaign was officially launched 21 June 2011, World Public Services Day.