Austerity threatens environmental protection in the EU

A study commissioned by the European Federation of Public Services Unions (EPSU) confirms that public spending cuts are having a negative impact on environmental protection in Europe.  While the report shows that the problem varies from one country to another, many environmental programs are suffering from cuts to programs and staffing levels, as a result of budget cuts.  In other cases, environmental agencies are seeing their mandate and scope broaden but their budgets have not been increased.

EPSU is continuing to push the European Council to address the damage inflicted by austerity measures on public services, including safety and environmental services.

Our members across Europe are facing a major struggle to defend their jobs and maintain the vital services that they provide. The reports we have commissioned reveal the pressure they are under but also raise major concerns about what austerity means for the future, for the delivery of quality public services, for safety at work, for sustainable development and for the cultural and educational services that are central to fostering fair and open societies,” said EPSU general secretary Carola Fischbach-Pyttel as the European Council met in late June on a growth compact.