About us

From the earliest times, we can recall, mind-altering substances have played a crucial part in man’s quest to step beyond ourselves. The discovery of the fermentation process which gives us alcohol went hand in hand with our rise. We slowly became familiar with how natural resources could be transformed, and in turn, transform us. Another truth quickly fell upon man: the intoxicants which expand our sense of easily turning to poison if consumed in excess. If you find yourself, or a loved one on the dark side of this dilemma, then this site is for you.

Here the most pressing dangers of substances like caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, and marijuana will be discussed. Along with the facts, on this site, you will find information about how and why to moderate, or end, your use of these drugs. This site is made up of only quality information that will help you build healthy habits moving forward. Nothing here is intended to overwhelm the reader, or make them feel like what they are going through is not normal. Especially if they are merely searching for a better path, this site is intended to provide clear information to help curious individuals, and that is all.